For Sale “Buck” male


This is one of the males that we have been saving for a future family.  He would be a Great Pet or Buck for a breeded.  We have worked very hard with him to keep his personality calm and kid friendly. He loves being held, but even more so running and playing in the garden area. 

I included a few pictures of when he was young.  When he was only 2 days old momma Chrome put a little slice in his ear with her nail,  this caused his one ear to have a dip in it as it healed, this is why it flops down on his right ear.  Gives him an uniqueness!  He was born on 4/26/2016  So currently is 4 months old.  Male breeders can start breeding as early as 5 months, so he is on the edge of being a ready to go breeder. 

If interested in this male, please text or call 919-221-8490  He is available for pick up only, no shipping available.

PS- the kids have nicknamed him “Coal Cart”

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