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Welcome To Silver Hare Hollow!

Silver Hare Hollow is located along Passing Road at the eastern edge of Caroline County (Virginia) in a small nook amongst the poplars, plums, oaks, and sweet gums.  Our specialty is rabbits but we do have a wide array of other products and services to offer, some pre-made and ready for purchase, and others that are specially made to order.  The only thing that is always included, and always free of charge, is our attention to detail and our passion for perfection.

What We Do

Pet Rabbits

Add a little friend to your family! $15-65

Fresh Eggs & Rabbit Meat

We have fresh eggs for $5 a dozen!  Butchered frozen whole rabbits (Foodsaver sealed package, approx. 4 lbs) for $25 each.

Custom Quilts

We take custom quilt orders from doll quilts to queen size.  At times, some pre-made quilts are available.  Quilts are made by Amy or Paige right here at the Hollow!  Prices range from $10 – $250+   Also craft memory quilts from Baby clothes, Tee-shirts, Fabric items on request.

(inquire for current available timeframe)

Bunny Breakers

Simple to use tool we make for clean and quick rabbit dispatch.  Can be screwed or bolted to any post, wall, or table.  $35

Custom Furs

We are slowly building up an assortment of tanned rabbit hides and Lucky Rabbits Feet.  Currently the hides would be available only by special request.  Clean, preserved, plain rabbits feet (without chain) are available for $2 each.

Our Rabbits

Our rabbits are larger sized with adults averaging about 10-15 pounds.  One thing that we do differently than most is that we do not breed for any purebred rabbits.  Rather we breed our rabbits hoping to get every color under the sun and love to get unique and oddball babies which makes every one special.  Our rabbits are a combination of Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, and Beveren.  We love to sell babies for pets or for future breeders.

We love our rabbits and raise them in a caring and friendly way.  Rabbits are awesome animals and require minimal upkeep and space which makes them one of the best livestock to own and raise.  Fortunately, not only are they friendly, quiet, and easy to raise, but their meat is a fantastic and tasty source of protein.  This white meat can replace chicken in any recipe and contains higher protein and lower fat than chicken meat.

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6-8 Weeks

  • Ready to be adopted!

12-16 Weeks

Live or Butchered
  • Sold Live $20
  • Butchered $25
  • Ready to be adopted.

Future Breeders

When Available
  • 4-6 Months
  • (Based on age, size/breed, sex, temperament, successful breeder?, etc.)
  • Ready to be adopted.

Our Farm Friends!



Street Sweeper


Tiller’s Mowing

Tiller with his own mower, helping get the chores done.  He loves cutting grass, well at least for now while it is...
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Snowplow’s babies will soon be here!

Snowplow is due on 9/7/2016 Soon the babies will be here!
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Mini Chrome

He is our new Mini Chrome!  I don't think we will be able to let this one go.  He is only the 2nd Silver that we have had in 2 1/2 years of breeding all different kinds of rabbits.  This is a very difficult color to get. He LOVES his momma and is always snuggled up...
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For Sale “Buck” male

This is one of the males that we have been saving for a future family.  He would be a Great Pet or Buck for a breeded.  We have worked very hard with him to keep his personality calm and kid friendly. He loves being held, but even more so running and playing in the...
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Magic Carpet has #9

Magic Carpet had 9 babies on 8/26/2016
This is her 4th time as a Mommy!
She is definitely a PRO !!!!

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Babies have arrived! #10

Chrome had her babies the morning of the 9th ... she had #10 ... She did an amazing job and all are healthy. This is her second batch as a mom. Enjoy the...
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STILTS is getting BIG

Oh how much STILTS has changed ... Love her!!!! I absolutely love the color she is turning out to...
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Mama Chrome is Nesting!!!!!

Look who's nesting,  Mama "Chrome"  She is due on Friday, but is working hard on getting her nest ready for the new kits. We can not wait to see what the new babies will look like. This will be her second time being a mama. She did an amazing job last batch! We know...
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STILTS ..... Gary named this little kit.  We are keeping her to add to our breeders. She is turning out to have the most beautiful gray coat. I can not wait to see her as an adult doe! Updated pictures to come soon. Check back later for an...
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Zamboni out to play!

  Zamboni has been cooped up in her cage for the last 6 weeks.  The last of her babies moved to a new cage today to grow big and strong.  So, Zamboni is baby free!!! She enjoyed some time out of her cage today exploring the garden and the rabbit hutch. She was...
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